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This site is intended to help all the gardeners who also own and love dogs. We often find the concepts of loving to garden and loving animals go hand in hand! Since dogs are such an integral part of our lives, they spend a lot of time with us … indoors as well as outdoors in and around our gardens …

Hello, I’m Laura Hofman and I created this site with my husband Jim to share our knowledge of creating a dog friendly garden …

Gardening should be relaxing and enjoyable, not a constant chore. And the same is true of dog ownership … it should be enriching and fulfilling, with minimal burden. Over the years, we’ve found a few techniques that help blend the two together … a happy dog and an enjoyment of our lawn and garden!

To your right, you’ll see a number of helpful informational articles about creating a harmonious relationship between you, your dog, and your garden. We hope you enjoy our site and come back often … we are always adding more content and suggestions for creating and maintaining a dog friendly garden!

Creating A Dog Friendly Yard: 4 Key Tips

1. Designated Potty Area – To limit the aesthetic impact to your lawn, encourage your pet to eliminate in the same area each time. Choosing a “potty spot” in an out of the way corner of the yard can hide the damage. Encourage your pet to drink more water which naturally dilutes the nitrogen concentration (cause of lawn urine burn). For boy dogs, there are plants and shrubs which are more forgiving like flowering, woody shrubs such as spirea, viburnum, shrub roses, and weigela.

2. Exercise and Running Area – Most dogs love the exhilaration of a full-speed gallop! For a champion sprinter or ball catcher, make sure to include a long, narrow area of turf to indulge your pup’s need for speed. This strengthens their muscles, banishes boredom and most of all is fun!

3. Shade – A spot to keep cool is a must for dogs that enjoy time in the garden. Your best friend needs a place to escape from the hot sun so a shady area is a very important element to a dog friendly landscape.

4. Water – Dogs need a spot to hydrate in the yard. A source of cool, fresh water they can drink when the need arises especially after a vigorous play session You can easily create a freshwater fountain for your pooch using the popular water garden accessories, or simply bring out a large bowl of fresh water when you sit in the yard together.

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In summary, design the landscape with your canine companion in mind and provide plenty of exercise and a few creature comforts. That way, your dog pal and landscape will thrive and co-exist in beautiful harmony!

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